Dealing with the Deal

Posted on June 14th, 2008 in Friendly Environment by admin

There are times we come up with a situation we don’t have the capacity to handle. This happens when we arrive at a situation where a friend or a neighbor is emphasizing the right ways base on his point of view.

Since this neighbor seems to over do most of the conversation among neighbors of most of time, we could no longer react because we anticipating that the good conversation may arrive to something regrettable.

This is situation where most of time occurs when men having some fun chat while having a drink – a friendly conversation while drinking liquor to pass sometime before taking dinner for example.

The conversation may some how normal at first, but as one bottle gone dry and the second bottle appear, in the middle of the conversation, something will sure appear to be worth discussing for. This is now the time where you should be very much aware of. Especially if what you are dealing with seems to consume most of the talking because of its experiences and the likes.

There are time debates on a certain topic occurs and worth worrying because of the circumstances that may arise. You should not worry for it at all. You, as one of the conversant in the session could do a lot of thing to minimize or even control the whole conversation.

This is easy actually and you can control the arising of unfavorable event by trying to cluster the things being talked about. Unless you are already drunk, then I would suggest you keep you mouth shut than sharing your views. This actually what is happening, we, most of the time share our won openly and with out consideration when you are already a bit tipsy.

To be able to handle such neighbor or friendly conversation, you should be aware and observant at the very first instance. Do not get yourself carried away on what is being discussed. This is the only way you could make sound observations and reactions in which it would be offending to both parties or even to all the members of the group you are into.

Be observant is the key. Do not give into deeper views unless you don’t have substantial or concrete evidence to support your claim. If you have stated your stand with proper support and yet somebody seems to disagree on the matter, do not elaborate further. Instead, listen and observe what others view would surface.

Do not go beyond what is being discussed. Let you friend or neighbors do the talking. Be the simple listener and later on, you’ll notice that you are being heard because of the observations you noticed.

This is, in fact, one of the ways of creating a friendly environment.