Of Being Short

Posted on June 26th, 2008 in Be Healthy by admin

The are people who don’t enough courage in their life and put the blame to some of their physical attributes. a person lacking in height sometime become inferior because of some jobs requires height not shorter tha what is being needed.

Like for example steward, this requires certain height for the applicant and there are persons who don’t possess such height and thus, no longer qualified to apply even if they have the right educational qualifications.

Others feel inferior because they feel they are not sexy and beautiful due to wide forehead or having a flat nose. There are lots of physical attributes we feel are liabilities for us not to become successful. And most of the time we blame our genes of not having a perfect physical structure.

This should not be the case because every person is created unique. If you are having such inferiority, there are remedies to overcome such. Being short doesn’t mean you don’t have anymore chances of becoming sexy and beautiful. It is said that “beauty is on the eyes of the beholder.”

In fact, being beautiful is not merely having nice face and sexy body. Beauty lies within our personality. As long as you are not making some things that hurts someone, you are doing good in this world. Instead of thinking of something on how to improve or changes this attributes through the doctor’s help, try to think on the other way around.

Being short can be concealed by wearing dresses with a vertical stripes design and if you think you have a big body built, the vertical strips could make you seen a little slimmer too. There are other things to consider and there’s no such thing but to have a healthy living lifestyle in and out.  Do something good to others – value life.