Value of Life

Posted on August 8th, 2008 in Friendly Environment by admin

Value of life is such a very broad concept where most of us misinterpret it.  But one aspect, I am sure, is included on how to value life.  It is about creating a friendly environment to all those people around you.

Most of the time, friendship started from ordinary grouping.  From the school where classmates learn to know each other, from organizations (excluding brotherhood org) like in the work where employees, due protocol of he communication, meet each other then afterwards a friendship will be created.

But which ever place friendship is created, it accompanies also hatred where members in the environment arrive at certain point of separation and makes the friendship to be destroyed.  In the work, for example, hatred started to manifest when both friends become rival on such position.

Since both friends have their own groupings, and some reactions and rumors that will arise while deliberation, might trigger both friend to separate.  Even if the friendship has lasted for couple of years.

Well, it obvious this is just one example of human behavior.  There’s always that thing that could ruin of the good environment that had been created because of self-aggrandizement. Only heroes have the guts to sacrifice even their live for the sake of their fellow humans.

Value living may seem unachievable to humans because of the unceasing longing for more.  Satisfaction is a word where humans don’t know its meaning in relation to value of life.

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