Healthy Working Environment

Posted on August 17th, 2008 in Friendly Environment by admin

The working environment is one crucial place where every people are bound by rules and regulations.  These rules and regulations most of the time affects the personal feelings of individuals thereby causing to break such friendship within the working area.

The tiring and pressure of work most of the time is the cause for certain individual to react on situations opposite to the suppose to be proper reaction.  in fact, even the boss commit mistakes when it come to proper handling of misguided employees.

in this particular situation enters the scheme of leanness of lifestyle, in which, by way of addressing such problems will produce better results rather than creating hatred for both parties engage in misunderstanding on the proper protocol.

This actually one of the reasons why there are seminars and training focused on human relation.  This is to further elaborate what should be the proper reactions to be done in such intriguing situation an employee may be caught into.

There is actually one way to practice leanness lifestyle in the working environment.  This is to have enough rest during break times and by having energy reach food to supplement the energy lost after hours of working.  Obviously, the people within this type of environment should work hand and hand to produce quality products.

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