Over-the-Counter Drug: a warning device

Posted on June 16th, 2008 in Be Healthy by admin

Because of the too much advertisements of over-the-counter drugs, we tend to make a pile of stock in the medicine cabinet so that in time we encounter such ailment like simple flu, simple headache and simple pain we can grab immediately the medicine that will relieve the simple ailment.

Due to excessive work at home, we exert lots of efforts and energy that may trigger as to become fatigue with accompanying headache.  There’s always that paracetamol or mefinamic acid stock in the medicine cabinet.

Over-the-counter drugs come in handy every time we suffer such ailment.  We are not thinking the root cause why we suffer such sickness.  The stressful work has taken most of our energy and this also the reason why we felt dizzy with accompanying headache most of the time.

Instead of just taking a rest or a 10 minutes nap to relieve the pain we run to the medicine cabinet.  The simple flu is an obvious example that you don’t need to take decongestant.  Instead, a rest or a 20 to 30 minutes sleep will surely relieve you from that clogged nose.

You may notice that before you are not experiencing these pains.  Before you take these over-the-counter drugs, you need to evaluate first why you felt the pain or illness.  You need to think why you are becoming too fast to get tired on such a simple fixing of the lavatory faucet.  Its time you look on the things you are doing lately.  Your food intake, your cigarette smoking, your drinking habit might be one of the reasons why you are experiencing such ailment these days.

There are two categories of drugs. The first is the one that attacks the cause and the other just relieves the
symptoms.  What ever it is, you need to take into consideration your daily activities, the foods we ate, regular exercise and more.  Healthy living begets healthy body.  Value life, value living.  Over-the-counter drugs are just warning that we are no longer doing healthy things to our life and to the world as a whole.

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