Proper Protocol and Channelling

Posted on September 25th, 2008 in Friendly Environment by admin

It is very important to know the organizational structure of every institutions.  Proper channel for a certain problem in the working environment could make another problem if the organizational structure will no be followed accordingly.

The organizational structure is created, in the first place, so as to know what are the responsibilities and boundaries of a certain position, whether it be a key position or the lowest mammal in the organization.  This is also the bases for every member to determine the proper channel an employee will go especially if there will be problems that will arise.

This is also the reason why in the working environment the employees are working bounded by rules.  If these rule and regulations will not be followed, for sure, there will be someone in the organization being bypassed, and later, that person will learn about the incident. Then, misunderstanding will follow and a resignation or termination will be the next.

Salary is just a second option in the work.  Even if the salary is not good but there’s harmonious relationship among the employees, the salary will not be an obstacle for every member not to work productively.  On the other hand, an employee could also undertake any problems if the salary is high.


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