Beating the Clock

Posted on September 9th, 2008 in Be Healthy by admin

We rush every morning to go to work, avioding that meticulous boss arleady arrive and checking those delengquent employees who arrive late.

Though the bio-clock already is reporting such late comers, there are tie the boss or the person in-charge sometimes wanted to see personally who are these individuals who arrive late.  This, of course, is imbarassing.

There are reasons why we arrive late and report to work.  It is hard to find some realibale reason to defend you being late, unless, if you encountered uncertainties along the way.  After all, you need to be in the office /work before the exact time starts.

There are times the nature of our work requires us to arrive earlier and again dus some reason we could not avoid being late or almost late.

The root cause of this rpoblem lies ainly on the lifestyle we do.  We know the rules and yet, we take hard time to cope up with it.

Waking up late in the mornig is the main reason of getting late.  We might have done something else last night that made us tired so much.  Again unless it is needed for us to stay late the night then, we need to face the consequences of getting late.

No one could beat the clock, all we can do is to go along with it.  Harmonize with the clock and you’ll see, you’ll don;t need to beat it. Value your work and your work will value yourl life.