Of Being Short

Posted on June 26th, 2008 in Be Healthy by admin

The are people who don’t enough courage in their life and put the blame to some of their physical attributes. a person lacking in height sometime become inferior because of some jobs requires height not shorter tha what is being needed.

Like for example steward, this requires certain height for the applicant and there are persons who don’t possess such height and thus, no longer qualified to apply even if they have the right educational qualifications.

Others feel inferior because they feel they are not sexy and beautiful due to wide forehead or having a flat nose. There are lots of physical attributes we feel are liabilities for us not to become successful. And most of the time we blame our genes of not having a perfect physical structure.

This should not be the case because every person is created unique. If you are having such inferiority, there are remedies to overcome such. Being short doesn’t mean you don’t have anymore chances of becoming sexy and beautiful. It is said that “beauty is on the eyes of the beholder.”

In fact, being beautiful is not merely having nice face and sexy body. Beauty lies within our personality. As long as you are not making some things that hurts someone, you are doing good in this world. Instead of thinking of something on how to improve or changes this attributes through the doctor’s help, try to think on the other way around.

Being short can be concealed by wearing dresses with a vertical stripes design and if you think you have a big body built, the vertical strips could make you seen a little slimmer too. There are other things to consider and there’s no such thing but to have a healthy living lifestyle in and out.  Do something good to others – value life.

Thinking on the Lighter Side

Posted on June 18th, 2008 in Be Healthy by admin

There are lots of problems that come around us and we are devastated most of time.  Though wounds heal in time, there are instances that we really come up with such idea of doing something else just to forget the problem.  Other my divert their attention to drinking, smoking and worse, drugs.

Having the problem around your head, you become temperamental and you get mad even on simple things.  We could not totally eliminated the thought because of the effects that inflicted on us and worse, we no longer see what is right from wrong.  Instead of trying to solve the problem, we tend to create another one.

The very step that you should think when you caught up with such devastating problem is to calm down and think of the possible solutions.  I know, this is easier said than done, but you don’t have a choice.  You need reevaluate all the things from the beginning.  From their you’ll see it is not yet the end of the world.

Comparison will be the next step.  Having the chance to read this article, you will notice that you are still one of the lucky individuals in this earth compared to those people in Haiti that they even made a mud cake for their lunch while you are just setting their in front of your 17″ flat screen monitor.

It is hard to think on the lighter side when you are currently on the peak of the problem and it may take days, weeks or months for you to be able to regain yourself again.  But you need to stand again to face another life’s challenges. Every time you see something you call problem to others, try to visualize yourself in their place and think on the lighter side.  Their you will see how and why the person behave in such away instead of doing something better.  This will serve as a practice of getting yourself accustomed and to be tolerant on what to be done on such problems.

After all, there is always that hope around, jut don’t stop hoping for a brighter tomorrow.

Over-the-Counter Drug: a warning device

Posted on June 16th, 2008 in Be Healthy by admin

Because of the too much advertisements of over-the-counter drugs, we tend to make a pile of stock in the medicine cabinet so that in time we encounter such ailment like simple flu, simple headache and simple pain we can grab immediately the medicine that will relieve the simple ailment.

Due to excessive work at home, we exert lots of efforts and energy that may trigger as to become fatigue with accompanying headache.  There’s always that paracetamol or mefinamic acid stock in the medicine cabinet.

Over-the-counter drugs come in handy every time we suffer such ailment.  We are not thinking the root cause why we suffer such sickness.  The stressful work has taken most of our energy and this also the reason why we felt dizzy with accompanying headache most of the time.

Instead of just taking a rest or a 10 minutes nap to relieve the pain we run to the medicine cabinet.  The simple flu is an obvious example that you don’t need to take decongestant.  Instead, a rest or a 20 to 30 minutes sleep will surely relieve you from that clogged nose.

You may notice that before you are not experiencing these pains.  Before you take these over-the-counter drugs, you need to evaluate first why you felt the pain or illness.  You need to think why you are becoming too fast to get tired on such a simple fixing of the lavatory faucet.  Its time you look on the things you are doing lately.  Your food intake, your cigarette smoking, your drinking habit might be one of the reasons why you are experiencing such ailment these days.

There are two categories of drugs. The first is the one that attacks the cause and the other just relieves the
symptoms.  What ever it is, you need to take into consideration your daily activities, the foods we ate, regular exercise and more.  Healthy living begets healthy body.  Value life, value living.  Over-the-counter drugs are just warning that we are no longer doing healthy things to our life and to the world as a whole.

Dealing with the Deal

Posted on June 14th, 2008 in Friendly Environment by admin

There are times we come up with a situation we don’t have the capacity to handle. This happens when we arrive at a situation where a friend or a neighbor is emphasizing the right ways base on his point of view.

Since this neighbor seems to over do most of the conversation among neighbors of most of time, we could no longer react because we anticipating that the good conversation may arrive to something regrettable.

This is situation where most of time occurs when men having some fun chat while having a drink – a friendly conversation while drinking liquor to pass sometime before taking dinner for example.

The conversation may some how normal at first, but as one bottle gone dry and the second bottle appear, in the middle of the conversation, something will sure appear to be worth discussing for. This is now the time where you should be very much aware of. Especially if what you are dealing with seems to consume most of the talking because of its experiences and the likes.

There are time debates on a certain topic occurs and worth worrying because of the circumstances that may arise. You should not worry for it at all. You, as one of the conversant in the session could do a lot of thing to minimize or even control the whole conversation.

This is easy actually and you can control the arising of unfavorable event by trying to cluster the things being talked about. Unless you are already drunk, then I would suggest you keep you mouth shut than sharing your views. This actually what is happening, we, most of the time share our won openly and with out consideration when you are already a bit tipsy.

To be able to handle such neighbor or friendly conversation, you should be aware and observant at the very first instance. Do not get yourself carried away on what is being discussed. This is the only way you could make sound observations and reactions in which it would be offending to both parties or even to all the members of the group you are into.

Be observant is the key. Do not give into deeper views unless you don’t have substantial or concrete evidence to support your claim. If you have stated your stand with proper support and yet somebody seems to disagree on the matter, do not elaborate further. Instead, listen and observe what others view would surface.

Do not go beyond what is being discussed. Let you friend or neighbors do the talking. Be the simple listener and later on, you’ll notice that you are being heard because of the observations you noticed.

This is, in fact, one of the ways of creating a friendly environment.