Culinary Skills on the Rise

Posted on October 29th, 2009 in Food by admin
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3660 on the Rise, the culinary experience of Executive Chef Russell Siu, is located in Kaimuki on Waialae Avenue. Featuring a delicate blend of European, Pacific Rim, and Island-style cuisine, the food at 3660 on the Rise is especially pleasing to even the most discerning palates. The restaurant advertises that it has innovated cooking by creating Euro-Island cuisine that creates a culinary marriage reflective of the East/West heritage and Hawaii’s seasons. The restaurant’s popularity has been bolstered by a number of Hawaii real estate listings nearby. The personal atmosphere and warm, casual Bistro feel of the restaurant has welcomed prominent socialites, politicians, entertainers,
chefs, and journalists for years.

The cozy atmosphere of 3660 on the Rise has made the dining experience even better for the hundreds of diners who pass through the entrance every night. The award- winning restaurant was named the 2008 Best Restaurant of the Year and was also voted as having the best martinis according to the local media. 3660 on the Rise’s long list of awards also includes a number of Honolulu Advertiser Ilima Awards as well as various travel and food magazine rankings. A banquet room can host up to 200 people and is located in the rear portion of the restaurant.

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Real estate markets getting more affordable

Posted on September 19th, 2009 in Real Estate by admin
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Real estate is becoming progressively more affordable as the markets continue to suffer thanks to the dragging economy, slumping housing market, and difficult credit crisis. While this is a bad thing for people looking to sell their homes, many real estate markets like these St Augustine Condos For Sale are getting more affordable for people looking to purchase new homes. While the costs of properties in Hawaii are still quite high relative to places on the U.S. mainland, there has been an increasing abundance of affordable Hawaii real estate. The cost of some places in the prestigious Kahala neighborhood have dropped as much as several thousand dollars.

The decrease in housing prices and these homes for sale located in Fort Mohave is advantageous for people who have cash on hand to make such purposes. Therefore, there has been a noticeable rise in property purchases by people in search of a vacation home in the islands as well as foreign visitors looking for an investment in the United States real estate market. While this has increased sales in certain high-cost markets, many of the less desirable neighborhoods are experiencing drastically low sales numbers. This is because people who’d like to live in these places don’t have the money to spend.

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Sleep In Every Day

Posted on July 22nd, 2009 in Friendly Environment by admin
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You may think that by loving to sleep or by sleeping a lot you are just being lazy, but actually, getting your sleep is one of the easiest and most important ways to living a healthy life. Many feel that sleep takes away from the time that could be spent working, doing chores, or running errands, but in order to live a healthy life, sleep should not be compromised for doing more in a day. In fact, by getting enough sleep, you’ll be able to have more productive days because you will find yourself to be more alert and focused and less stressed.

Aside from the instant effects of a proper sleep life, sleep has shown to help reduce blood pressure, the risk of cancer, inflammation, and your risk for depression. Your body repairs and rejuvenates itself primarily during the time you are sleeping because cells produce more protein while you are sleeping allowing the cells to repair and damage caused by stress, ultraviolet rays, other harmful exposures, or injury. Sleep also alters the chemical balances and imbalances within your body, which is why sleep helps to relieve stress, and depression, and lose weight, all of which are affected by hormones in your body. It has also been shown that by getting enough sleep people are able to retain knowledge better, resulting a smarter person with better memory.

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Family Bonding

Posted on October 20th, 2008 in Home & Family by admin

Most people are getting busy these days including the children and the ample time for a family to have a bonding activities seems to be out-of-this-world already.  Everyone is becoming busy to their individual activities.

The facts of life today is that head of the family is busy of providing the family finacial needs.  Mother noticed the effort father exert seems to be not enough so mother decided to have an extra job as well.  The older brother and sister are busy chating with friends online, or might be occupied in building their character in an online game.

The different environment the family is dealing with makes it difficult to have a bonding session.  Not mention that the only accepted facts which bonding could be done is to have a vacation in some place where family does not yet gone through.

This is obviously expensive and applicable for those who can afford only.  But don’t you know that you could make bonding session cheaper yet the members of the family could really enjoy each other company, there motivating all the member on how to value life?

Well, I know we have different point of views here, but I am sure everyone wants to have their family complete in the dining table once in a while if not every day.  The first step to be done here if to set your mind and all the family members that there will be an activities to be done on the following day or maybe during the week ends.

You may want to set up that there will be a general cleaning day on the next Saturday or you can schedule a time where everybody are present on that day.  Schedule the tasks to be done.  Let the children clean their own rooms.  Mother or father should not forget to prepare a good snack.  The snack time will be one of the best time for the family to have a bonding session.

I would like to reiterate that because of individual differences and culture, you might not agree with some of the details mentioned here, but if you really want to have a peace and loving citizens that will contribute to good life of the world, you should start doing this at home first and foremost.

Balance Diet

Posted on October 4th, 2008 in Food by admin

Balance diet is all over the net eversince but we people could not avoid such food which not contributng balance diet.  As long as it satisfies the tummy, that is more than enough.

Everyone wants to have a good food on their table, but the question is we lack informations on what particular foods to be prepared in relation to balance diet.  In addition, balance diet requires as to eat on time.

The social trends which make everyone busy is just one of the factors that makes us forget that it is already eating time and eating lunch, let say, around 2 o’clock in the afternoon is no longer complying to the balance diet scenario.

A balance diet must contain carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, mineral salts and fiber.  How nice to have this food every time we eat.  But it doesn’t mean you are regularly eating these rich foods you have a good healthy body.

There are contributing factors that makes a person healthy.  One of these is having a peace of mind. Setting a good mind set should be done first because when you are n the state of having burden, it affects the body metabolism and everything follows.

These are all rooted within a person’s value living.  In fact, before an individual could eat a balance diet, there should be some purpose to eat.  Today, individuals are eating a balance diet because the doctor said it.

Proper Protocol and Channelling

Posted on September 25th, 2008 in Friendly Environment by admin

It is very important to know the organizational structure of every institutions.  Proper channel for a certain problem in the working environment could make another problem if the organizational structure will no be followed accordingly.

The organizational structure is created, in the first place, so as to know what are the responsibilities and boundaries of a certain position, whether it be a key position or the lowest mammal in the organization.  This is also the bases for every member to determine the proper channel an employee will go especially if there will be problems that will arise.

This is also the reason why in the working environment the employees are working bounded by rules.  If these rule and regulations will not be followed, for sure, there will be someone in the organization being bypassed, and later, that person will learn about the incident. Then, misunderstanding will follow and a resignation or termination will be the next.

Salary is just a second option in the work.  Even if the salary is not good but there’s harmonious relationship among the employees, the salary will not be an obstacle for every member not to work productively.  On the other hand, an employee could also undertake any problems if the salary is high.


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Beating the Clock

Posted on September 9th, 2008 in Be Healthy by admin

We rush every morning to go to work, avioding that meticulous boss arleady arrive and checking those delengquent employees who arrive late.

Though the bio-clock already is reporting such late comers, there are tie the boss or the person in-charge sometimes wanted to see personally who are these individuals who arrive late.  This, of course, is imbarassing.

There are reasons why we arrive late and report to work.  It is hard to find some realibale reason to defend you being late, unless, if you encountered uncertainties along the way.  After all, you need to be in the office /work before the exact time starts.

There are times the nature of our work requires us to arrive earlier and again dus some reason we could not avoid being late or almost late.

The root cause of this rpoblem lies ainly on the lifestyle we do.  We know the rules and yet, we take hard time to cope up with it.

Waking up late in the mornig is the main reason of getting late.  We might have done something else last night that made us tired so much.  Again unless it is needed for us to stay late the night then, we need to face the consequences of getting late.

No one could beat the clock, all we can do is to go along with it.  Harmonize with the clock and you’ll see, you’ll don;t need to beat it. Value your work and your work will value yourl life.

Healthy Working Environment

Posted on August 17th, 2008 in Friendly Environment by admin

The working environment is one crucial place where every people are bound by rules and regulations.  These rules and regulations most of the time affects the personal feelings of individuals thereby causing to break such friendship within the working area.

The tiring and pressure of work most of the time is the cause for certain individual to react on situations opposite to the suppose to be proper reaction.  in fact, even the boss commit mistakes when it come to proper handling of misguided employees.

in this particular situation enters the scheme of leanness of lifestyle, in which, by way of addressing such problems will produce better results rather than creating hatred for both parties engage in misunderstanding on the proper protocol.

This actually one of the reasons why there are seminars and training focused on human relation.  This is to further elaborate what should be the proper reactions to be done in such intriguing situation an employee may be caught into.

There is actually one way to practice leanness lifestyle in the working environment.  This is to have enough rest during break times and by having energy reach food to supplement the energy lost after hours of working.  Obviously, the people within this type of environment should work hand and hand to produce quality products.

Hawaii is the type of place thats creates a healthy environment, try searching Hawaii MLS for homes and condos.

Healthy Fitness Exercise

Posted on August 16th, 2008 in Be Healthy by admin

Any exercising  methods and equipments will work when done in a regular basis.  Especially today, almost all part of the body that needs exercise has machine designed for specific task.

Everything is done and all you need to do is to buy such machine for your regular exercise.  But how about those who doesn’t have the capacity to buy one?  But what is really that sophisticated exercising machine that would make you healthy inside and out?

None yet has been created, obviously because this pertains mainly on the lifestyle of a person, whether it from the elite or from the middle class individual.  Obviously, less fortunate persons do not think of such machines because their minds are focused on how to let make food to be eaten for the day.

Maybe the best exercise everyone should do must is that practicing of good and healthy lifestyle.  Ha ha, it is actually impossible to create such things like this.  But practicing this one is far from reality either.  Until only few are doing such exercise to make this world a better place, we could not avoid uncertainties along the way.

So how are you doing you exercise again?  are you really following that food nutritious structure?  How about your soul, do you feed it also with good moral and right conduct (gmrc) food?  If so, you are are practicing the value living methods.

Value of Life

Posted on August 8th, 2008 in Friendly Environment by admin

Value of life is such a very broad concept where most of us misinterpret it.  But one aspect, I am sure, is included on how to value life.  It is about creating a friendly environment to all those people around you.

Most of the time, friendship started from ordinary grouping.  From the school where classmates learn to know each other, from organizations (excluding brotherhood org) like in the work where employees, due protocol of he communication, meet each other then afterwards a friendship will be created.

But which ever place friendship is created, it accompanies also hatred where members in the environment arrive at certain point of separation and makes the friendship to be destroyed.  In the work, for example, hatred started to manifest when both friends become rival on such position.

Since both friends have their own groupings, and some reactions and rumors that will arise while deliberation, might trigger both friend to separate.  Even if the friendship has lasted for couple of years.

Well, it obvious this is just one example of human behavior.  There’s always that thing that could ruin of the good environment that had been created because of self-aggrandizement. Only heroes have the guts to sacrifice even their live for the sake of their fellow humans.

Value living may seem unachievable to humans because of the unceasing longing for more.  Satisfaction is a word where humans don’t know its meaning in relation to value of life.

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